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Our mission is to collect, preserve, interpret and exhibit artifacts and archives relating to the history of Japanese Canadians from the 1870s through the present, and to communicate to all the Japanese Canadian experience and contribution as an integral part of Canada's heritage and multicultural society.


Bibliography: Books

The Book listings are divided into Primary and Secondary sources, and are arranged alphabetically by author. All Secondary sources have been split up by author name as follows:

The Japanese Canadian National Museum maintains a small reference library of books related to Japanese Canadian and Japanese American history. The following is a listing of the books currently held as part of the reference library.

Primary Sources

Hamilton Japanese Canadian Centennial Society
Proceedings of the War Measures Act Conference
London, Ont.: Anas. 1978

Hayashi, Rintaro
Kahan Mandan
Vancouver: Rintaro Hayashi Publisher, 1988

Kitagawa, Muriel (1912-1974)
This is my own: Letter to Wes & other writings on Japanese Canadians, 1941-1948
edited by Roy Miki
Vancouver: Talonbooks, 1985

Kiyooka, Roy (1926-1994)
Mothertalk: Life Stories of Mary Kiyoshi Kiyooka
Edmonton : NeWest, 1997

Kobayashi, Cassandra (1952-) and Miki, Roy
Spirit of Redress: Japanese Canadians in Conference
Vancouver : JC Publications, 1989

Makabe, Tomoko (1944-)
Picture Brides: Japanese Women in Canada
Toronto : Multicultural History Society of Ontario;
North York , Ont.: [distributed by]
University of Toronto Press , 1995

Matsue, Yoshimatsu
Kanada Zairyu Doho Soran = Complete List of the Japanese in Canada
Vancouver : Nikka Jiho-sha, c1920

Matsue, Yoshimatsu
Kanada Sairyu doho Dainiki Bokoku Homondan
Shashin Kinencho/Yoshimatsu Matsue (Publisher and Editor) Japan : Yoshimatsu Matsue, c1918

Morita, A. Katsuyoshi (1899-)
Powell Street Monogatari
Printed in Canada by Alpine Press for Live Canada Publishing Ltd., 1989

Mura, David
Turning Japanese: Memoirs of a Sansei
New York : Atlantic Monthly Press, 1991

Oiwa, Keibo
Stone Voices: Wartime Writings of Japanese Canadian Issei
Montreal : Vehicule Press, 1991

Ontario Tottori Ken Jin Kai
Tracing our Heritage to Tottori Ken Japan
Mississauga: 4Print, 2010

Province of British Columbia
Opening Doors: Vancouver ‘s East End
Victoria : Aural History Program, 1979

Provincial Archives of British Columbia
Sound Heritage: Volume III Number 3
Victoria : Sound and Moving Image Division, Provincial Archives, 1974

Sato, Mohei
Kanada No Sakae = Prosperity of Canada
Tokyo : Oe Insatsu Kabushiki Kaisha, Taisho 10 (c1921)

Sunahara, Ann Gomer
The Politics of Racism
Download it here

Tairiku Nippo Sha Ltd.
Kanada Zairyu Hojin Jin Mei Ryoku = Directory of Japanese Canadians
Vancouver : Tairiku Nippo Sha Ltd., 1941

Yesaki, Mitsuo
SUTEBUSTON: A Japanese Village on the British Columbia Coast
Vancouver : Peninsula Publishing Company, 2003

Secondary Sources A-H

Adachi, Ken, (1928-1989)
The Enemy That Never Was: A History of the Japanese Canadians
Toronto : McClelland and Stewart Inc., 1991

Adachi, Pat
Asahi: A Legend in Baseball: A Legacy from the Japanese Canadian Baseball Team to its Heirs
Etobicoke , Ontario : Coronex Printing and Publishing Ltd., 1992

Ariga, Chiyokichi and Shinichi Kimura
The Rev. Frank Cassilis-Kennedy: Elder to the Japanese Canadians
The Japanese Canadian Christian Churches Historical Project, 1998

Ashworth, Mary, (1923-)
The Forces Which Shaped Them: A History of the Education of Minority Group Children in British Columbia
Vancouver : New Star Books, 1979

Awmack, Winifred .J.
Tashme: A Japanese Relocation Centre, 1942-1946
Victoria B.C.: W.J. Awmack, 1993

British Columbia Vital Statistics Agency
Genealogical Resources for British Columbians
British Columbia : British Columbia Vital Statistics Agency, 1997

Broadfoot, Barry
Years of Sorrow, Years of Shame
Toronto : Doubleday, 1977

Chalfen, Richard
Turning Leaves: The Photograph Collections of Two Japanese American Families
New Mexico : The University of New Mexico Press, 1991

City of Richmond : Britannia Heritage Shipyard
Steambox, Boardwalks, Belts and Ways: Stories from Britannia
compiled and edited by Marie Bannister and Marilyn Clayton Richmond: City of Richmond , Department of Parks and Leisure: Britannia Heritage Shipyard, 1995

Dancocks, Daniel G.
Gallant Canadians: The Story of the Tenth Canadian Infantry Battallion; 1914-1919
Calgary: The Calgary Highlanders Regimental Funds Foundation, 1990

Daniels, Roger, Sandra C. Taylor et al.
Japanese Americans: From Relocation to Redress
Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 1991

David Suzuki Foundation
Tools For Change: Highlights of the Social Change Conference
Vancouver , Winnipeg : The David Suzuki Foundation and The National Association of Japanese Canadians, 1996

Dempster, Eleanore, (1940-)
The Laughing Bridge: A Personal History of the Capilano Suspension Bridge
Maple Ridge: Impressions in Print Enterprises, 1988

Earth Spirit Festival, The
Visions of Power: Contemporary Art by First Nations, Inuit and Japanese Canadians
Toronto : Earth Spirit Festival, 1991

Fortier, Normand (1954-)
Guide to Oral History Collections in Canada =Guide de fonds d’histoire orale au Canada
Canadian Oral History Association= Société canadienne d’histoire orale, 1993

Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens’ Association Human Rights Committee
Bilingual Human Rights Guide For Japanese Canadians
Vancouver : Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens’ Association, 1995

Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens’ Association Redress Committee
Redress for Japanese Canadians: A Community Forum
Vancouver : Japanese Canadian Citizens’ Association Redress Committee, 1984

Haig-Brown, Alan, (1941-)
Fishing For a Living
Madeira Park , B.C.: Harbour Publishing, 1993

Hamilton Japanese United Church
Hamilton Japanese United Church: 1946-1996: 50th Anniversary
Toronto : Hamilton Japanese United Church, 1996

Holocaust Oral History Project
Visas For Life: The Remarkable Story of Chiune & Yukiko Sugihara and the Rescue of Thousands of Jews
curated by Eric Saul & the Holocaust Oral History Project; Lani Silver, executive director. San Francisco : Holocaust Oral History Project, 1995

Hong, Maria, ed.
Growing Up Asian American
New York : W. Morrow, 1993

Hope and District Historical Society
Forging a New Hope : Struggles and Dreams: 1848-1948
Hope, B.C.: Hope and District Historical Society, 1984

Hosokawa Bill
Nisei: The Quiet Americans; The Story of A People
Colorado : University Press of Colorado , 1992

Secondary Sources I-K

The Issei: The World of the First Generation Japanese Immigrants, 1885-1924
New York: Free Press; London : Collier Macmillan, 1988

Isenor, D.E.
One Hundred Spirited Years: A History of Cumberland
Campbell River , B.C.: Ptarmigan Press, 1988

Ito, Roy , (1922-)
Stories of My People: A Japanese Canadian Journal
Hamilton : Roy Ito, 1994

Ito, Roy , (1922-)
We Went to War: The Story of the Japanese Canadians Who Served During the First and Second World Wars
Stittsville, Ont.: Canada ‘s Wings, 1984

Izumi, Dr. Toshiaki
Stories I Heard in the Wheat Field: Stories of Japanese and Japanese Immigrants in South Saskatchewan
Regina : Dr. Toshiaki Izumi, 1997

Japanese American Cultural & Community Center
Japanese American Cultural & Community Center:1880-1890
Editor Kats Kunitsugu Japanese American Cultural & Community Center, 1990

Japanese American National Museum
Japanese American National Museum : Commemorative Book 1985-1993
Japanese American National Museum, 1994

Japanese Canadian Centennial Project Committee
1877-1977: The Japanese Canadians: A Dream of Riches = Un Reve de richesses: les Japonais au Canada , 1877-1977
Vancouver: The Japanese Canadian Centennial Project, 1978

Kabayama, Maki
I Hope So: Maki’s Last Words
Surrey , BC : Jun Kabayama, 1975

Kabayama, Jun, Rev.
On Cho Ki: The Record of God’s Grace
Surrey, BC: Jun Kabayama, [ca.1995]

Kamegaya, Chie ( 1909-)
Seasons in New Denver
Silverton , BC : Laughing Raven Press, 1994

Kawano, Roland M.
Ministry to the Hopelessly Hopeless
Scarborough , Ont.: The Japanese Canadian Christian Churches Historical Project, 1997

Kawano, Roland M.
A History of the Japanese Congregations in the United Church of Canada
Scarborough , Ont.: The Japanese Canadian Christian Churches Historical Project, 1998

Kelowna and District Association of Japanese Canadians, The
The Vision Fulfilled: 1894-1994
Editor Bill Hoshizaki Kelowna, B.C.: K.D.A.J.C., 1995

Kendall , Victoria (1962-)
The Spirit of Steveston: A History of the Steveston Community Society
Richmond : Steveston Community Society, 1986

Kikumura Akemi, (1944-)
Promises Kept: The Life of an Issei Man
Novato , California : Chandler & Sharp, 1991

Kikumura Akemi, (1944-)
Through Harsh Winter: The Life of a Japanese Immigrant Woman
Novato , California : Chandler & Sharp, 1981

Kikumura Akemi, (1944-)
Issei Pioneers: Hawaii and the Mainland 1885-1924
Los Angeles: Japanese American National Museum , 1992

Kimura, Kazuaki
Japan and World in the Turn of the Century: Changes and Renovations of Cultures
Japan: Law Culture Company, 1996

Kobayashi, Addie (1932-)
Exhiles in our Own Country: Japanese Canadians in Niagara
Richmond Hill: Nikkei Network of Niagara, 1998

Kobayashi, Audrey Lynn
Memories Of Our Past: A Brief History and Walking Tour of Powell Street
Vancouver : NRC Publishing, 1992

Koyama, Shigeharu
Homma Tomekichi Oh no Shogai = The Life of Tomekichi Homma
Mihama, Wakayama , Japan : Shigeharu Koyama, 1995

Koyama, Shigeharu
America-mura no Kanban Ba-san=An old lady in the America-mura
Japan : Wakayama Kokusai Bunka Kenkyushyo, 1987

Secondary Sources L-Q

Lang, Catherine, (1953-)
O-Bon in Chimunesu: A Community Remembered
Vancouver : Arsenal Pulp Press, 1996

Lee-Son, Jacqueline (1955-) and Sturmanis, Dona
Richmond : Secrets & Surprises: A Portrait of Richmond in Art, Photographs and Personal Tales
Richmond : Yorklin & Associates, 1994

Leong, Russell
The View From Within: Japanese American Art from the Internment Camps; 1942-1945
Los Angeles: Japanese American National Museum , 1992

McBride, Robert M., & Company
Canada : New World Power
New York : American Book-Stratford Press, Inc, 1945

Manitoba Japanese Canadian Citizens’ Association
The History of Japanese Canadians in Manitoba
Manitoba : Manitoba Japanese Canadian Citizens’ Association, 1996

Marlatt, Daphne (1942-)
Steveston Recollected
British Columbia : Provincial Archives of British Columbia , 1975

Marlatt, Daphne (1942-)
Vancouver: Talonbooks, 1984

Mihamacho Canada Emmigration Centennial Committee
Kanada iju hyakunen shi = [Japanese Fishermen's Emmigration to Canada]
Mihama-cho, Wakayama Japan : Canada Emmigration Centennial of Mihama, c1989

Miki, Roy (1942-)
Saving Face: Poems selected 1976-1988
Manitoba: Turnstone Press, 1991

Miki, Roy (1942-)
Justice In Our Time: The Japanese Canadian Redress Settlement
Vancouver : Talonbooks / National Association of Japanese Canadians, 1991

Momiji Health Care Society
Baachan! Geechan! Arigato: A story of Japanese Canadians
Toronto : Momiji Health Care Society, 1989

Moritsugu, Frank and the Ghost Town Teachers Historical Society
Teaching In Canadian Exile
Toronto: The Ghost Town Teachers Historical Society, 2001

Moriyama, Jason
Process: Architecture; Canadian Architects Moriyama & Teshima
Murotani Bunji, 1992

Murase, Ichiro Mike
Little Tokyo : One Hundred Years In Pictures
Los Angeles : Visual Communications/ Asian American Studies Central, Inc., 1983

Nakano Mei, (1924-)
Japanese American Women: Three Generations: 1890-1990
San Francisco: Mina Press Publishing, 1990

Nakayama, Reverend Gordon Goichi
Toronto : NC Press Limited, 1984

National Association of Japanese Canadians
Democracy Betrayed; The Case for Redress
National Association of Japanese Canadians, 1985

National Association of Japanese Canadians
The Best Years
Winnipeg : The National Association of Japanese Canadians, 1990

The National Association of Japanese Canadians
Economic Losses of Japanese Canadians After 1941
Vancouver : Price Waterhouse, 1985

National Association of Japanese Canadians
In Justice: Canada , Minorities and Human Rights
Winnipeg : National Association of Japanese Canadians, 1996

Niiya, Brian
Japanese American History: An A-to-Z Reference from 1868 to the Present
New York : Facts on File, 1993

Omatsu, Maryka, [1949-]
Bittersweet Passage: Redress and the Japanese Canadian Experience
Toronto : Between the Lines Publishing, 1992

Petzold, Bruno, 1873-1949
The Classification of Buddhism, Bukkyo Kyohan
Wiesbaden , Germany : Harrassowitz, 1995

Petzold, Bruno, 1873-1949
Buddhist Prophet Nichiren : a lotus in the sun
Tokyo : Hokke Janaruru, 1978

Provincial Archives of British Columbia
Sound Voices: A Guide to Oral History
Victoria : Provincial Archives of British Columbia , Sound and Moving Images, 1984

Secondary Sources R-Z

Reid, Robert R.
The Front Page Story of World War II
Vancouver/Toronto: Douglas & McIntyre, 1994

Reunion Committee, The
Sentimental Journeys: 50th Anniversary, October 9, 1992 : Bridge River , Devine, Lillooet, Minto
The Reunion Committee, 1992

Rosenbluth, Vera, (1946-)
Keeping Family Stories Alive: A Creative Guide to Taping Your Family Live & Love
Vancouver : Hartley & Marks, 1990

Roy, Patricia, 1939-
Mutual Hostages: Canadians and Japanese During the Second World War
Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 1990

Schroeder, Andreas, (1946-)
Carved from Wood : Mission , B.C. 1861-1992
Mission: Mission Foundation, 1991

Shibata, Yuko, Matsumoto, Shoji et al.
The Forgotten History of the Japanese Canadians: Volume 1
Vancouver : Japanese Canadian History Group, 1977

Shikatani, Gerry
Gerry Shikatani: Selected Poems and Texts: Ninenteen Seventy Three
Toronto : Aya Press, 1989

Shimizu , Yon
The Exiles: An Archival History of the World War 2 Japanese Road Camps in British Columbia and Ontario
Wallaceburg: Shimizu Consulting and Publishing, 1993

Stacey, Duncan
Salmonopolis: The Steveston Story
Madeira Park , B.C.: Harbour Publishing, 1994

Sugihara, Yukiko
Visas For Life
San Francisco : Edu-Comm. Plus, 1993

Suzuki, Aiko
Japanese Canadians in the Arts: A Directory of Professionals
Toronto : SAC/rist Publishing, 1994

Takahashi, Shigeru
Hikawa maru Monogatari
Japan : Kamakura Shunjusha, 1978

Takashima, Shizue, (1928-)
A Child in Prison Camp
Montreal : Tundra Books, 1971

Takata, Toyo
Nikkei Legacy: The Story of Japanese Canadians from Settlement to Today
Toronto : NC Press, 1983

Tanaka, Tosh
Hands Across the Pacific: Japan in British Columbia , 1889-1989
Vancouver: Consulate General of Japan , 1990

Tsuji, Shinichi
“Nikkei Kanadajin”: Redressing the Past: Self-Portraits of Japanese Canadians
Tokyo : Shobunsha Publishers, 1990

Uchida, Yoshiko
Desert Exile: The Uprooting of a Japanese-American Family
Seattle : University of Washington Press, 1982

Vancouver Buddhist Church
New Temple & Complex Dedication 75th Anniversary: Vancouver Buddhist Church: November 24-25, 1979
Vancouver : Vancouver Buddhist Church , 1979

Vancouver School Board, The
Strathcona Memories; 1891-1991: In Celebration of 100 Years of Serving Students & Parents
Vancouver : The Vancouver School Board, 1991

Waiser, Bill
Park Prisoners: The Untold Story of Western Canada ‘s National Parks, 1915-1946
Saskatoon & Calgary : Fifth House Publishers, 1995

Wakayama , Tamio
Kikyo: Coming Home To Powell Street
Madeira Park , B.C.: Harbour Publishing, 1992

Watada, Terry
Daruma Days
Vancouver : Ronsdale Press, 1997

Yee, Paul
Saltwater City: an illustrated history of the Chinese in Vancouver
Vancouver : Douglas & McIntyre, 1988

Yesaki, Mitsuo (1936-)
Steveston Cannery Row: An Illustrated History
Richmond : Peninsula Publishing Company, 1998